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Sage My Movies This forums is for discussing the user-created Sage My Movies for SageTV.

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Old 08-10-2010, 08:47 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Setup and Wiki Read this thread first!!!

This is the stickie for all the Wiki's created on google code.

If you have a issue please read the wiki first

Most issues / problems will be answered there. If you have issues with the collection manager please post in the mymovies forums I did not code the collection manger. I will help where I can but not in great detail.


Please check the wiki before asking questions it is not complete yet but will continue to grow


Also there is a great walkthough of install and some of the features by Damian (thanks!!!)

Shorctuts and extras
Shortcuts and extras

Submit issues or problems below if only posted here I can't guarantee I will remember them

Logs and errors
See this wiki on what I will need if I ask for logs on a issue submitted

Please be sure to submit your issue I will let you know if i need a log

Also I do not program or support fully the collection manager but will help where I can further support can be found at the mymovies forums.

How to replace fanart wiki
See below wiki to replace fanart for missing or fanart you want to change.


I have got many PM's and emails about donations and where to send me something. I did this project in my spare time because first and foremost I wanted it. I did not do it with the intention of making any money nor do I want the obligation that taking donations implies. I appreciate the thought very much but it is not my intention to make/take money.

If you want to like the addin and want to donate please donate here

This is a disease that is very close and personal to me (I have it). So if you feel the need to help please help.It is a very lowly funded disease as it doesn't effect a high percentage of the population.

Again there is no obligation and I don't expect any one to donate nor do should you expect something in return from me for donating other than my thanks and gratitude.

Changes from one build to the next.

Videos previews
Preview #1 Auto Fade out and Similar Movies
Preview #2 Group View and DrillDown
Original preview posted by Missing Remote


Special Thanks to:
  • MyMovies team for fully supporting this project and giving me the developer tools I needed
  • SageTV and their relentlessness support to me and things I needed to make this project come to life.
  • Stylistic for some images and the logo.
  • SageTV 3rd part developers for helping me and bearing with me i private and public discussions (you know who you guys are)
  • My Private test group for running this through the relentless testing it has undergone. They really helped me iron out some issues throughout and still will.
  • Team ortus for the code sharing and idea sharing we have all had through this project and ortus project. They both have and will continue to benefit from our sharing.
  • Peter Helto for help writing the wiki and cleaning up my mess.


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