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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 05-26-2009, 08:23 PM
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SageTV V6.5.16 Beta is Here!

Howdy all!

Time for another beta update. This one is mostly bug fixes again along with some new minor features.

UPDATE: Linux Placeshifter posted on Friday at 11:40AM PST

We also did a modifcation to the EPG server about a week ago. The ATSC Digital lineups now have major-minor channels in them when initially downloaded rather than just the physical channel.

There's also a new beta firmware out for the HD100/200 as well; highly recommended with the new server.

Highlighted changes are in Bold in the release notes below.

Submit any bugs you find to here please:

Here's the links:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

SageTV Media Center for Macintosh

SageTV Client for Macintosh

SageTV Placeshifter for Macintosh

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

SageTV Media Center for Linux - Debian Package Installer

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux - Debian Package Installer

And here's the detailed release notes for you all (only goes back to 6.5.13 since the post was exceeding the max length):

SageTV V6.5.16 Beta 5/26/2009

Core Updates
1. Added property "seeker/duration_for_halt_detection" which controls the duration a capture device must stop producing data for before SageTV will try to reset the device (this timeout defaults to 1 minute and will occur between the timeout and 15 seconds later; this used to occur between 5-10 minutes later depending upon other various circumstances)
2. Fixed deadlock bug that could occur in rare instances relating to format detection of in-progress recordings
3. Fixed performance issue where we'd explicitly call System.gc() during thumbnail generation sometimes
4. When determining which airings of a Favorite are the best choices to record; prefer first runs over reruns if all other things are equal
5. When determining which tuner to perform a channel change on first; perform the ones with the lowest delays first if all other things are equal
6. Only check the video recording directories for new/changed/removed files when we do a library import scan instead of every 5 minutes (this was keeping systems from going into standby if UNC paths were used for recording directories)
7. Decreased chunk size for when we do large removes from the database to prevent locking it for excessive periods of time
8. Fixed bug in database where a certain error recovery scenario would end up in a state where no database information was saved to disk anymore (so restarting the app would lose all new recordings info, epg updates, etc.)
9. Fixed bug where external metadata plugins could pass back null values to the core which could cause an exception in the library import process
10. Fixed bug where the Album title was no longer properly imported for Windows Media audio files
11. Fixed A/V sync issues with the transcoder

12. Update scan frequency for Stockholm Sweden

Windows Updates
1. Added new trick to potentially increase HDPVR device stability on Windows when changing channels. Its controlled by the property 'mmc/hdpvr_magic' and it defaults to true. This is just a theory, we have no proof this helps yet.
2. When playing back WindowsMedia content on Windows; never insert any user selected decoders so we always let the WindowsMedia DMO decoders properly insert themselves into the graph
3. Fixed rare bug that could hang SageTV if it was put into standby w/ 3D acceleration on while media was playing w/ VMR9 or EVR
4. Fixed bug where SageTV service can hang on Vista when transitioning between analog and digital modes on the HVR 2250
5. SageTV Service is no longer removed as part of the upgrade process. The upgrade to 6.5.16 will remove it; but after that it will remain which means all settings related to it will be retained. (i.e. enabled/disabled, login/password, etc.)

6. Don't use the SageTV Demux when playing back M2TS files since we don't support them yet
7. Added support for 5.1 output when playing back WMAPro audio content (the decoder is now configured to support this)
8. Changed the default JVM heap size to be 384MB (it was 256MB; it's not that we're using more memory, but more users have found a need to do this because of more plugins/customizations being used)

Placeshifter Updates
1. Fixed bug where seeking back to the beginning of a placeshifted recording would mess up the buffer timing statistic
2. Fixed bug in placeshifter when not using 3D acceleration and using non-local text rendering where some text was blended with the incorrect opacity
3. Fixed bug in Placeshifter where text was truncated sometimes if the OS/JVM version of the client differed from that of the server
4. Added placeshifter client properties push_mode_stream_buffer_size=8192 and push_mode_cache_size_kb=128 for controlling more of SageTVPlayer's cache sizes (for testing purposes)

Linux Updates
1. Fixed bug on Linux where the Placeshifter UPnP NAT setup didn't properly get the local IP address
2. Fixed rare bug if both tuners from an HDHomeRun detected their streams at almost the exact same time the first time a channel was tuned then the application could crash
3. Fixed bug where XV playback didn't work in the Linux placeshifter

Media Extender Updates
1. Fixed bug where we didn't always find the last PTS in an MPEG2 PS/TS file when it was being played back on an extender
2. Fixed bug where sometimes smooth rewind would stall and not progress backwards
3. Fixed bug where VC1 BluRay playback didn't work properly after a seek on the HD media extender
4. Added property miniplayer/forced_max_push_size which defaults to zero and can be set to a value so that buffers are not used larger than that size when streaming to an extender (if the value is zero then the internal max is used which is currently 128kB)
5. Fixed bug where some idx/sub subtitles were being skipped
6. Fixed bug where sometimes idx/sub subtitles were being rendered as text instead of bitmaps
7. Fixed bug where interleaved VobSub languages in a .idx file were not handled properly
8. Fixed issue where some subpictures did not display on DVDs that should have (most noticable with 'game' style DVDs)
9. Fixed bug where the 'random' functionality in DVDs did not work (usually only on 'game' style DVDs)
10. Fixed bug with DVD playback where subtitles with 4:3 DVDs on a 16:9 display didn't align properly unless we distorted the aspect ratio

Studio Updates
1. Fixed the DeleteFile API calls so that they can actually return false when a deletion fails (and if it does fail, and the file exists; it will no longer be removed from the database)
2. The property 'force_full_content_reindex' can now be modified during runtime and the next import cycle will recognize this
3. Improved startup speed for launching the SageTV Studio

STV Updates
1. Disable playback preview while scanning channels for a digital TV tuner.
2. Channel Setup: Added option to list enabled channels first.
3. Channel Setup: Rearranged menu layout (we'll be doing more soon w/ this)
4. When setting default recording qualities for tuners, tell user that digital tuners won't use the settings & don't allow setting a default recording quality if the source only has a digital tuner.
5. When setting recording quality for Favorites or Manual Recordings, check for digital + analog or digital-only tuner config & warn user appropriately.
6. While showing rec quality warning when both digital + analog tuners are in use, added option to not show the warning any more.
7. Added Detailed Setup -> Customize option to reset all disabled warning messages.
8. Prevent mouse click on Channel Setup menu's video preview window from jumping to the playback screen while previewing a channel.
9. Ask for parental lock code when converting videos if any of the convertible videos exceed the parental control settings.
10. Added "Rescan Existing Library Files" option in Detailed Setup -> Advanced, used to redetect file format & metadata info for imported files.
11. Added a note to the "import scan started" dialog to tell the user that the dialog can be closed & the now-scanning status icon will disappear when the scan is done. The icon is displayed in the dialog to show the user what it looks like.
12. When configuring a tuner, don't show the preview window for digital TV tuner inputs.
13. Improved automatic detection of max number of channel digits.
14. Added dialogs to notify user when file deletions fail.
15. Updated Speed TV online videos.

SageTV V6.5.15 Beta 5/6/2009

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug when the running time for a Show was more than 5 minutes longer than the actual Airing we wouldn't mark it Watched because we didn't think they'd watched enough of it (And there was no way to watch more)
2. Added property "seeker/unload_capture_devices_on_standby" which defaults to true (except Vista/Win7 where it defaults to false) which controls whether or not we destroy the capture graphs completely when the system enter standby (prior behavior was to destroy it always)
3. Fixed bug where playback of idx/sub files with SageTVPlayer didn't show the options for subtitles the first time they were played back
4. Fixed bug where an error in the subtitle parsing could crash the entire UI
5. Fixed bug where the CC text wasn't always properly vertically centered inside the background
6. Fixed bug where sometimes lines of CC text were drawn in the wrong location on the screen and then weren't erased when the CC text was updated
7. Added the plus symbol to the NTE symbols for number 1
8. Re-merged SageTVTranscoder with the latest open source components

Windows Updates
1. Detect Windows 7 as Vista so we behave like we would on Vista when running on Win7.
2. Fixed bug on Vista/Win7 where SageTV would fail to properly resume from standby sometimes when using the Hauppauge HVR-2250
3. Add DVB-T constellation data into dvb-T tuning entry

Placeshifter Updates
1. Support for automatic logins on Win/Mac/Linux and HD200 Placeshifter clients

Mac Updates
1. Now runs SageTVTranscoder under nice for Mac OS X when generating thumbnails

Media Extender Updates
1. Fixed issue on Windows where new performance optimizations to use larger push buffer sizes with the extender had negative impacts (optimizations are still there; its just done slightly different now)
2. Fixed bug where the client UI would crash if we tried to send it a compressed image larger than 16MB
3. Fixed bug when the extender would send back an embedded subpicture packet larger than 4k would crash the UI session for that client
4. Fixed bug where the aspect ratio was wrong on 4:3 DVDs during the main movie content
5. Fixed bug where the timer wouldn't increment properly during smooth fast forward of DVDs on the media extender
6. Fixed bug where resuming playback after smooth FF/REW of DVDs on the media extender had significant delays or decoding issues
7. Fixed bug where there'd be no audio when placeshifting to the HD100/200
8. Fixed bug where selecting the first embedded subtitle track wouldn't automatically enable subtitles if they were off
9. Fixed bug where setting the DVD Subtitle language didn't automatically turn on DVD subtitles

Studio Updates
1. Fixed bug where SetMediaFileMetadata didn't work for DVDs because they had a null format object. DVDs now retain an empty format object with a "DVD" container type that can be used to store the metadata.
2. Fixed memory leak in Utility API calls GetImageAsBufferedImage and GetScaledImageAsBufferedImage (these 2 API calls are not used in the default SageTV UI)

STV Updates
1. Added support to recognize BluRay disks in the video browser & other places. Also added themed generic BluRay icon.
2. Disabled editing NTE number assignments when using an extender because there is no keyboard, which is needed to enter the letters & symbols for each number.
3. Hidden: Fixed inability to arrow off or to the category bar on the malore menus & fixed conditional for whether the scroll bar is used for the left or right pane.
4. Remember last workgroup entered in network file browser & restore the last workgroup path when returning to the parent of the server currently being browsed.
5. Added persistent option "Play slideshow in random order" to the photo browser's dialog shown when starting a slideshow.
6. Consolidated all the Screen Saver options into a single dialog in Detailed Setup -> General, and added a new option "Random Screen Saver Slideshow Order", which toggles between yes & no; default: yes.
7. Added support for Detailed Setup -> Server -> Allow Placeshifter clients to automatically login.
8. Removed DVDSubtitleToggle() call to turn on subtitles before calling DVDSubtitleChange().
9. Hidden: Fixed inability to page up/down to first/last item when malore menu is set to not use wrap-around scrolling.
10. Hidden: Fixed disk space bar so that the minimum font size doesn't make the text too large for its display area.

SageTV V6.5.14 Beta 4/23/2009

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug where padding was removed from a Favorite if it was back-to-back with a manual recording even if remove back-to-back padding on favorites was disabled.
2. Optimized removal of back-to-back paddding on Favorites so that only padding that must be removed to prevent overlap is removed. (i.e. if you had a show that ends at 5pm that you had padded to end 5 minutes early; and then the the show starting at 5pm was padded to start 5 minutes early; previously this would cause the change to occur at 5pm if back-to-back removal was enabled; now it will cause the change to occur at 4:55pm; but if only the one starting at 5pm had start padding and the other had no padding, it woudl change at 5pm instead)
3. Fixed bug where if you're watching a Favorite while its recording; and you have negative stop padding on it; when it gets into the stop padding region it would just keep stopping/starting the recording until the show was actually over.
4. Fixed synchronization bug where in very rare instances selecting a show to watch that was currently recording would give the user control of the wrong tuner
5. Enable Unicode glyphs by default in SageTV. The performance impact is very minor due to way glyph calculations are optimized now. The property "ui/load_complete_glyph_maps" still has an effect; it can be used if character widths are not being determined properly due to how an optimization for glyph loading works; but it should not be needed in most cases (and is definitely not needed for Latin text); and enabling it has a negative performance impact (it always did have that impact though).
6. Updated subtitle file charset detection so that it'll use the platform default if UTF8/16 detection fails (previously it was using Cp1252 as the fallback if UTF failed)
7. Fixed bug in UTF charset detection where we would sometimes indicate UTF8 files were NOT actually UTF8 (affects subtitle importing)
8. Fixed bug where we wouldn't use the delayed thumbnail loader if the thumbnail file was one that we previously generated ourselves that had already been loaded before in the current application instance.
9. Fixed bug where failure to detect the primary audio stream initially wouldn't redo the detection; it would just suspend playback with 'no signal'
10. Added new property 'use_nio_transfers' which defaults to false. If it is set to true, then NIO channel transfers (which are generally faster) will be used for sending MPEG data to extenders and for serving files to SageTVClient (in prior versions it was used only for serving files to SageTVClient, however significant performance issues were discovered if the source file was a network share/mapped drive on Windows; so this is now disabled by default; and other platforms have issues due to a JVM bug related to files larger than 2GB and NIO which is why they're disabled as well)
11. Fixed old bug where timeouts were not obeyed in the MediaServer connections (in rare instances this could cause SageTV to retain file handles)
12. Optimized M3U playlist importing so it will now autodetect UTF charset encoding
13. Added core support for handling subtitle delay settings (can only be used with external subtitle files)
14. Fixed bug where picture files would sometimes lose their relative path information (due to having negative timestamps)
15. Fixed significant performance bug related to focus change re-evaluations. This can be over a 2x improvement in speed in many areas that involved just moving around the cursor.
16. Fixed bug where some metadata properties that had Unicode characters weren't always parsed properly using the external format detector
17. Fixed bug where disabling/enabling the media server caused an extra UI server thread to be spawned which would just loop in an error state
18. Fixed bug where files that had external and internal subtitles didn't render subtitles (they do now; but they will only use the external subs; external subtitles have priority over internal)

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where sometimes the audio & subtitle selections in the Windows DVD player did not appear

Placeshifter Updates
1. Added support for CC in ATSC/QAM files when used on a LAN

Mac Updates
1. Fixed regression bug where we didn't select the proper audio stream with MPEG files on the Mac client
2. Added support for CC in ATSC/QAM files

Media Extender Updates
1. Added support for using larger buffer sizes for high bandwidth transfers when the client supports it (HD extenders will on next firmware)
2. Fixed bug where reverse play with BluRay content caused the wrong time to be displayed on the timeline
3. Fixed bugs in BluRay playback on HD200
4. Fixed bug where having multiple emedded subtitle tracks of different formats didn't work properly
5. Added support for MP4/VosbSub subtitles (Nero subtitles) on the HD200
6. Added support for VobSub subtitles embedded in Matroska (MKV) files (HD extender firmware update needed)

7. Fixed bug where we didn't strip HTML tags from embedded SRT subtitles.

Studio Updates
1. Added ability to use dynamic expressions for enumerated properties for Widgets (i.e. table wrapping, dimensions, etc.) in the Studio
2. Fixed bug where the LoadImage API call used on the result of GetThumbnail(MediaFile) wouldn't always ensure that it was actually loaded if the thumbnail had not been generated yet, or was in the process of being generated.
3. Fixed bug where using LoadImage on a MetaImage from a URL wouldn't force the image load due to the asynchronous loading feature
4. Added Global API call RefreshAreaForVariable(Name, Value) which will Refresh any areas on screen who have a variable matching the specified value
5. Added MediaFile API call: SetMediaFileMetadata(MediaFile, Name, Value) which sets the corresponding metadata property in the MediaFile's format. These are set in the database and are also exported to the corresponding .properties file for that MediaFile. When it exports it will append these updates to the .properties file. It will also update the property "custom_metadata_properties" (which is a semicolon/comma delimited list) which tracks the extra metadata properties that should be retained. Names used must not match standard attributes that SageTV imports (i.e. title, description, actor, etc.)
6. Added MediaPlayer API calls: GetSubtitleDelay(), SetSubtitleDelay(long), CanAdjustSubtitleTiming() and ApplyRelativeSubtitleAdjustment(int) which can be used to modify the delay for displaying subtitles from external files
NOTE: Placeshifter login caching will be in the NEXT beta although the API calls are already in the core
7. Added Configuration API calls: SetAllowPlaceshifterLoginCaching(Boolean) and IsPlaceshifterLoginCachingAllowed() which are used on the server side to control if placeshifter clients are allowed to cache authentication information

STV Updates
1. Added thumbnail preloader thread to photo browser, video browser, music browser, online video feed lists, online video results lists, and recordings lists (it preloads thumbnails for the next page before you scroll)
2. Added Caption & Subtitle options to the playback options menu (delay, font size, positioning, etc.)

3. Using Pause or Play commands while a slideshow is active (w/o the overlay menu open) will also pause/play music at the same time.
4. Fixed Online Videos search link on the Search-all menu.
5. Added Detailed Setup -> Advanced option to reload the last-used custom STV.
6. Removed extra non-wrapping tables from recordings & search results menus since table wrapping is dynamic & can now be done with a single table.
7. Changed menus with customizable number of rows, cols, etc. to simply refresh the menu instead of reload it after changing a setting.

SageTV V6.5.13 Beta 4/3/2009

Core Updates
1. Added automatic charset detection for subtitle files. It will now try to automatically detect ISO-8859-1/CP1252 vs. UTF8 encoding.
2. Fixed bug where we didn't use the right indicies to select audio tracks for non-MPEG files with SageTVPlayer
3. Added support for IDX/VobSub external subtitle files with SageTVPlayer
4. Don't reinitialize a file based on a timestamp change if we fail to get the new timestamp
5. Fixed bug where we sometimes wouldn't detect the audio stream in HDPVR recordings
6. Fixed bug where the drive detected popup would occur if we got hotplug events from a client even if they didn't support remote filesystems
7. Fixed bug where the current audio and subpicture track would not be returned if there wasn't more than one to choose from
8. When waking up from sleep; don't have apply the driver delay wait for SageTVClient
9. Re-enabled periodic library scanning by default
10. Changed default period for library scanning to be 2 hours; it's controlled by the property: seeker/library_scan_period
11. If changes are made to the library paths during a scan (or a refresh is requested); the scan will now restart immediately instead of waiting to finish before restarting again
12. Fixed bug when you played back a single song in shuffle mode; next/prev track didn't do anything (now they go to a random track in the library)
13. Added support for closed caption rendering in the UI core if the media player sends back the CC raw data (only sent back by the HD200 and SageTVPlayer currently)
14. max_search_results property can now be dynamically changed and the effect is immediate
15. Fixed bug where subtitle text color wasn't used from the properties file (it was always white)
16. Fixed bug with shadow color on the new subtitle feature that was causing a rendering failure if the color was pure black
17. Fixed issue with excessive logging from the EXIF parser in some error cases
18. Fixed bug where TIFF files with 0 rowsPerStrip didn't decode properly (they need to be decoded as a complete image)
19. Fixed bug where we didn't properly parse times in SAMI files that were quoted
20. Fixed bug where we would sometimes drop the last entry in a SAMI file

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where loss of the Direct3D device when using VMR9 or EVR could cause a deadlock in SageTV when trying to restore the device
2. Fixed bug where FLAC files wouldn't playback on Windows sometimes if the DirectShow player was forced
3. Added registry setting HKLM\Software\Frey Technologies\SageTV\DirectX9\EVR0To255Range as a DWORD. Default is zero. If it's set to one then the hint for mapping the 16-235 video range to 0-255 will be set for EVR.

Placeshifter Updates
1. Added support for Closed Caption rendering in the placeshifter when used w/out transcoding (i.e. LAN mode). This only supports NTSC CC currently; but will be extended to ATSC/QAM soon.
2. Fixed bug where seeking with the placeshifter in an MKV file that's being transcoded would stop playback of that file.
3. Fixed bug where the placeshifter would sometimes disconnect right after logging in due to an asynchronicity with the remote FS system and the event encryption toggle

Mac Updates
1. Added support for CC data processing when using SageTVPlayer for playback of MPEG files (only handles NTSC CC so far; ATSC/QAM will be added shortly; and SageTVClient for Mac is the only system that uses SageTVPlayer for MPEG playback currently)

Media Extender Updates
1. Added support for Closed Caption rendering on the HD200 (the source file must have the CC information for it to be displayed; this works for NTSC/DVD/ATSC/QAM closed captions)
2. Reset the DAR after any HDMI state changes on the HD extender
3. Fixed bug where video aspect ratio wasn't always applied properly w/ latest HD200 firmware
4. Fixed bug where a crash when loading the DVD player for the extender would reset the volume to max
5. Added support for selecting the default subtitle track to enable forced BluRay subtitles to function properly
6. Fixed a rare bug that could cause the extender connection to terminate prematurely when stopping playback of an MPEG file
7. Fixed bug where attempting to view a 2048xanything or anythingx2048 PNG or GIF image would crash the HD200
8. Fixed bug where embedded SSA/ASS subtitles weren't detected properly

Studio Updates
1. Changed Table properties NumCols, NumRows, Wrapping and Dimensions so that if they change dynamically they'll update on the next UI refresh; the menu no longer needs to be reloaded
2. Added Utility API call: GetTimeSinceLastInput which gets the amount of time in milliseconds since the last user input occurred
3. Fixed issue with text sorting not being case-insensitive when use_collator_sorting was set to false (the default is true)
4. Added Global API call IsDoingLibraryImportScan which returns true if the library scanning process is currently running

STV Updates
1. Added option in Detailed Setup -> Video/Audio to configure the H.264 Video Decoder Filter on Windows
2. Changed Closed Caption option during playback to always be available for DVDs and MPEG videos.
3. Marked the current menu when starting music playback so the playback screen will return to that menu after playback ends.
4. Changed code for online video file updates, STV updates, managed STV, and file unzipping to only use the 'Local' SageTV API variants if IsClient() is true.
5. Added option to control Debug Logging in Detailed Setup -> Advanced.
6. Added option: Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Maximum Results per Search
7. Changed Online Video layout for list of feeds to show thubnail full size & only show feed title as text when needed if thumb isn't clear.
8. Updated some Showtime podcast feeds
9. Enlarged grouped thumbnails to full height and changed transition to Fade.
10. Detailed Setup -> Customize: added option to control whether video playlist items always start from the beginning.
11. Added menu header icon to indicate that a library refresh scan is active. Uses themed image: importing.png
12. Added SystemStatusChanged hook to refresh the screen when needed.
13. When searching for future airings of a show, filter out airings which are on channels that are not visible.
14. Playback Options menu: fixed subtitle on/off toggle for videos. Also added "No Subtitles" to subtitle language selection dialog.
15. Added the "Automatic Library Rescan Frequency" option to Detailed Setup -> General, replacing the on/off option to "Regularly rescan import directories" in Detailed Setup -> Customize.
16. Removed "/" from # songs & albums in music browser; used additional spaces as text separator.
17. Picture viewer: when entering this menu, delay starting next image preloading thread if not in a slideshow so the next image is not almost immediately preloaded.
18. Modified method to check for low download bandwidth causing playback underflow when playing HD YouTube videos.
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Old 05-27-2009, 10:25 PM
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A downloadable STV update is available -- go to Detailed Setup -> Advanced -> Check for STV Update.

The STV set version 2009052601 will be updated to version 2009052702, updating the default STV with these changes:

Channel Setup changes:
  1. Fixed issues moving left from right hand area.

  2. Combined enable/disable all channels into the edit lineup option.

  3. Play can be used to start a channel preview.

  4. Maintain previous focus when changing sort via Options menu.

Note: If you are using Vista, the STV update option may not be available. If you are unable to use the downloadable STV update within the SageTV UI, you can manually install the update:
  1. Download the update file:

  2. Make backup copies of this file: SageTV3.xml, found in <SageTV install path>\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3

  3. Unzip the file to you SageTV install directory where SageTV.exe is located, making sure to preserve the zip file's directory structure. This will overwrite SageTV3.xml in <SageTV install path>\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3. Make sure the updated file does not end up in Vista's VirtualStore.

  4. Restart SageTV or reload the default STV (SageTV3.xml) in the SageTV UI at Detailed Setup -> Advanced.

The STV version will be listed in System Information as v6.5.16.4. Submit any bugs as you would normally for the v6.5.16 beta.

- Andy
SageTV Open Source v9 is available.
- Read the SageTV FAQ. Older PDF User's Guides mostly still apply: SageTV V7.0 & SageTV Studio v7.1.
- Hauppauge remote help: 1) Basics/Extending it 2) Replace it 3) Use it w/o needing focus
- HD Extenders: A) FAQs B) URC MX-700 remote setup
Note: This is a users' forum; see the Rules. For official tech support fill out a Support Request.
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