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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 04-03-2009, 07:02 PM
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Smile SageTV V6.5.13 Beta is Here!

Howdy all!

Time for another beta update.

Smaller drum roll please...

Closed Captioning Support! (EIA-608 style)

We've added it on the HD200, LAN placeshifters and the MacClient. (placeshifters and MacClient only support NTSC currently, they'll be adding ATSC/QAM shortly; the HD200 already does all of them; and this has always been possible on the PC version on Windows, it just wasn't exposed by default)

There will also be an updated firmware out shortly which is needed for CC to work on the HD200. (it'll probably be out by the time you read this)

Highlighted changes are in Bold in the release notes below.

Submit any bugs you find to here please:

Here's the links:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

SageTV Media Center for Macintosh

SageTV Client for Macintosh

SageTV Placeshifter for Macintosh

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

SageTV Media Center for Linux - Debian Package Installer

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux - Debian Package Installer

And here's the detailed release notes for you all:

SageTV V6.5.13 Beta 4/3/2009

Core Updates
1. Added automatic charset detection for subtitle files. It will now try to automatically detect ISO-8859-1/CP1252 vs. UTF8 encoding.
2. Fixed bug where we didn't use the right indicies to select audio tracks for non-MPEG files with SageTVPlayer
3. Added support for IDX/VobSub external subtitle files with SageTVPlayer
4. Don't reinitialize a file based on a timestamp change if we fail to get the new timestamp
5. Fixed bug where we sometimes wouldn't detect the audio stream in HDPVR recordings
6. Fixed bug where the drive detected popup would occur if we got hotplug events from a client even if they didn't support remote filesystems
7. Fixed bug where the current audio and subpicture track would not be returned if there wasn't more than one to choose from
8. When waking up from sleep; don't have apply the driver delay wait for SageTVClient
9. Re-enabled periodic library scanning by default
10. Changed default period for library scanning to be 2 hours; it's controlled by the property: seeker/library_scan_period
11. If changes are made to the library paths during a scan (or a refresh is requested); the scan will now restart immediately instead of waiting to finish before restarting again
12. Fixed bug when you played back a single song in shuffle mode; next/prev track didn't do anything (now they go to a random track in the library)
13. Added support for closed caption rendering in the UI core if the media player sends back the CC raw data (only sent back by the HD200 and SageTVPlayer currently)
14. max_search_results property can now be dynamically changed and the effect is immediate
15. Fixed bug where subtitle text color wasn't used from the properties file (it was always white)
16. Fixed bug with shadow color on the new subtitle feature that was causing a rendering failure if the color was pure black
17. Fixed issue with excessive logging from the EXIF parser in some error cases
18. Fixed bug where TIFF files with 0 rowsPerStrip didn't decode properly (they need to be decoded as a complete image)
19. Fixed bug where we didn't properly parse times in SAMI files that were quoted
20. Fixed bug where we would sometimes drop the last entry in a SAMI file

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where loss of the Direct3D device when using VMR9 or EVR could cause a deadlock in SageTV when trying to restore the device
2. Fixed bug where FLAC files wouldn't playback on Windows sometimes if the DirectShow player was forced
3. Added registry setting HKLM\Software\Frey Technologies\SageTV\DirectX9\EVR0To255Range as a DWORD. Default is zero. If it's set to one then the hint for mapping the 16-235 video range to 0-255 will be set for EVR.

Placeshifter Updates
1. Added support for Closed Caption rendering in the placeshifter when used w/out transcoding (i.e. LAN mode). This only supports NTSC CC currently; but will be extended to ATSC/QAM soon.
2. Fixed bug where seeking with the placeshifter in an MKV file that's being transcoded would stop playback of that file.
3. Fixed bug where the placeshifter would sometimes disconnect right after logging in due to an asynchronicity with the remote FS system and the event encryption toggle

Mac Updates
1. Added support for CC data processing when using SageTVPlayer for playback of MPEG files (only handles NTSC CC so far; ATSC/QAM will be added shortly; and SageTVClient for Mac is the only system that uses SageTVPlayer for MPEG playback currently)

Media Extender Updates
1. Added support for Closed Caption rendering on the HD200 (the source file must have the CC information for it to be displayed; this works for NTSC/DVD/ATSC/QAM closed captions)
2. Reset the DAR after any HDMI state changes on the HD extender
3. Fixed bug where video aspect ratio wasn't always applied properly w/ latest HD200 firmware
4. Fixed bug where a crash when loading the DVD player for the extender would reset the volume to max
5. Added support for selecting the default subtitle track to enable forced BluRay subtitles to function properly
6. Fixed a rare bug that could cause the extender connection to terminate prematurely when stopping playback of an MPEG file
7. Fixed bug where attempting to view a 2048xanything or anythingx2048 PNG or GIF image would crash the HD200
8. Fixed bug where embedded SSA/ASS subtitles weren't detected properly

Studio Updates
1. Changed Table properties NumCols, NumRows, Wrapping and Dimensions so that if they change dynamically they'll update on the next UI refresh; the menu no longer needs to be reloaded
2. Added Utility API call: GetTimeSinceLastInput which gets the amount of time in milliseconds since the last user input occurred
3. Fixed issue with text sorting not being case-insensitive when use_collator_sorting was set to false (the default is true)
4. Added Global API call IsDoingLibraryImportScan which returns true if the library scanning process is currently running

STV Updates
1. Added option in Detailed Setup -> Video/Audio to configure the H.264 Video Decoder Filter on Windows
2. Changed Closed Caption option during playback to always be available for DVDs and MPEG videos.
3. Marked the current menu when starting music playback so the playback screen will return to that menu after playback ends.
4. Changed code for online video file updates, STV updates, managed STV, and file unzipping to only use the 'Local' SageTV API variants if IsClient() is true.
5. Added option to control Debug Logging in Detailed Setup -> Advanced.
6. Added option: Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Maximum Results per Search
7. Changed Online Video layout for list of feeds to show thubnail full size & only show feed title as text when needed if thumb isn't clear.
8. Updated some Showtime podcast feeds
9. Enlarged grouped thumbnails to full height and changed transition to Fade.
10. Detailed Setup -> Customize: added option to control whether video playlist items always start from the beginning.
11. Added menu header icon to indicate that a library refresh scan is active. Uses themed image: importing.png
12. Added SystemStatusChanged hook to refresh the screen when needed.
13. When searching for future airings of a show, filter out airings which are on channels that are not visible.
14. Playback Options menu: fixed subtitle on/off toggle for videos. Also added "No Subtitles" to subtitle language selection dialog.
15. Added the "Automatic Library Rescan Frequency" option to Detailed Setup -> General, replacing the on/off option to "Regularly rescan import directories" in Detailed Setup -> Customize.
16. Removed "/" from # songs & albums in music browser; used additional spaces as text separator.
17. Picture viewer: when entering this menu, delay starting next image preloading thread if not in a slideshow so the next image is not almost immediately preloaded.
18. Modified method to check for low download bandwidth causing playback underflow when playing HD YouTube videos.

SageTV V6.5.12 Beta 3/13/2009

Core Updates
1. Added support for external text based subtitle files in all media players with formats SRT, SUB (MicroDVD or SubViewer), SAMI/SMI, SSA/ASS
2. Added support for embedded text based subtitles when played back with the HD200
3. Added support for external IDX/VOB (VobSub) subtitle files when played back with the HD200
4. Added check for external subtitle files whenever a file is played back

5. Added psuedo-outlining to text that is rendered as subtitles (it's not a *real* outline; it's just four text shadows, one done in each corner's direction; much faster than calculating a real outline though and doesn't require additional glyph storage)
6. Added audio & subtitle track selection to SageTVPlayer. Audio tracks should work in all cases; subtitle selection is still limited though (this is in addition to the core support for external text-based subtitle files)
7. Memory allocation optimizations
8. Fixed error message relating to creating a timed recording that conflicted and then cancelling it due to the conflict
9. Changed default value for "delay_to_wait_after_tuning" to be 4000 for the HDPVR on Win/Linux since so many people seem to need this setting to stabilize the HDPVR due to its tendency to lockup during channel changes.
10. Fixed bug where you couldn't cancel recurring time based recordings during the week before the spring DST change
11. Added TIFF picture support
12. Fixed bug where replacing an existing recording with a converted one wouldn't always correct the timestamp on the file
13. Added .tp file extension to default imported video file extensions
14. Performance enhancement to library scanning process
15. Added property videoframe/start_playlist_items_from_beginning which defaults to true; and controls if when playing a playlist; whether or not each item should always be started from the beginning
16. Added support for selecting DVDs for playback from the Media File Browser. Selecting the VIDEO_TS.VOB file will now play the DVD instead of just that one file.
17. Fixed bug where regeneration of non-JPEG thumbnails did not work properly

Placeshifter Updates
1. Increased JVM heap size used by the Placeshifter on Windows

Windows Updates
1. Added registry setting HKLM\Software\Frey Technologies\Common\DSFilters\MpegEnc\TopFieldFirst as a DWORD. It defaults to 1 and controls field ordering when using software encoding.

Linux Updates
1. Fixed issue where the activation key could be come invalid due to enumeration order changes in the hardware (if you had this problem; then you should re-activate your key before using this version by running

Mac Updates
1. Prefs panel allows users to select port speed for DirecTV serial ports
2. Prefs code can allow for selection of DirecTV serial cu/tty devices
3. Fixed DirecTV serial support on the Mac

Media Extender Updates
1. Fixed bug with BluRay BDMV playback on HD200 where we'd lose audio on cell transitions sometimes
2. Fixed bug where we mis-detected the main movie file in BluRay BDMV playback if it had a very long looping playlist (like in a menu background)

3. Fixed bug where MP3 playback no longer worked on the MVP

Studio Updates
1. Added MediaFile API call GetMediaFileMetadata which can be used to retrieve 'extra' metadata properties attached to a MediaFile's format
2. Added property "custom_metadata_properties" which is a comma/semicolon delimited list of 'extra' metadata properties that should be retained in the DB when importing a MediaFile; they can be retrieved using the GetMediaFileMetadata API call

3. Optimized the GroupByMethod API call when used with GetAlbumForFile, GetShowCategory or GetShowYear
4. Optimized the GroupByArrayMethod API call when used with GetPeopleListInShowInRoles
5. Optimized the SortLexical API call when used with GetMediaTitle
6. Updated MediaFile API call GetMediaFileFormatDescription so that if it has an optional second argument which is true, the external subtitle check is re-run before returning the format information

STV Updates
1. Changed default choice after selecting an individual song to Add to Now Playing Queue or Play the Song Now if music isn't already playing instead of View Album/Song Detail.
2. Improved file browser's handling of DVD file objects.
3. Fixed issue where the focused item changes after a media browser updates after a library refresh when using the Folder view.
4. Video playback: Made subtitle on/off toggle dependant on whether any subtitles exist and extended the option to videos instead of only DVDs.

SageTV V6.5.11 Beta 2/25/2009

Core Updates
1. Fixed issue when creating a channel limited Favorite, it wouldn't have the channel limits applied until the Favorite was updated (this was not possible to do in our standard UI since you can't create a Favorite initially with a channel limit, you have to create one and then modify the channel limit)
2. Added support for importing BluRay BDMV folder structures. These are now recognized as a single MediaFile. They currently will appear along with DVDs so STVs won't need modifications yet to show them. The ONLY playback mechanism for these currently is the HD media extender (firmware update required). This only plays the main movie of the BluRay; it does not support any menus or other interactive features currently. It does support multiple audio tracks, chapter selection and all the standard playback controls. Subtitle support is in progress.
3. Fixed issues with downloading files from SageTV servers that had unicode characters in the pathname
4. Added property "include_blurays_as_dvds" which includes BluRays with all API calls that would normally just return DVD objects (this property must be set at startup, and defaults to true)
5. Fixed bug where we would think we ran out of diskspace due to an asyncronicity with the calculation (only affected Mac/Linux)
6. HE-AAC audio should now be properly supported for transcoding
7. Added property "dump_bluray_info" for dumping the info about a BluRay to the log file when its imported into SageTV
8. Add two new frequency entries for "Norway-CanalDigital"
9. Various format detection issues fixed
10. Fixed issues with photos with unicode pathnames not showing up

Placeshifter Updates
1. Disable automatically popping up the 'Add Server' dialog in the Placeshifter since this is confusing to some users and also happens when the discovery process is slow sometimes.

Windows Updates
1. New MPEG demux w/ accurate seeking is included again

Mac Updates
1. Fixed A/V sync issues with playback
2. Added Control-Click as right mouse click for Mac OS X
3. Allows the user to disable Apple IR remote in the prefs now
4. Improved HDHomeRun support

Linux Updates
1. Improved HDHomeRun support

Media Extender Updates
1. Added support for BluRary BDMV folder playback on the HD media extender. This only plays the main movie of the BluRay; it does not support any menus or other interactive features currently. It does support multiple audio tracks, chapter selection and all the standard playback controls. Subtitle support is in progress.
2. Fixed bug where we didn't properly detect MPEG1 streams
3. Added support for HDMI hotplug mode changes for HD extenders
4. Updated native resolution switching code so that it'll match on the horizontal dimension or the vertical instead of just the vertical (i.e. things like 1280x600 would play at 720p)
5. HE-AAC audio should now be properly supported (firmware update required)

Studio Updates
1. Added MediaFile API call CreateTempMediaFile which can be used to create a temporary MediaFile object for wrapping around a file/network path (allows updating metadata before playback begins)
2. Added MediaFile API call IsBluRay which returns true for BluRay MediaFile objects
3. BluRays are represented by a new MediaMask which is 'B'. This will automatically be added to any MediaMask with a 'D' if the property "include_blurays_as_dvds" is set (which is the default currently)
4. Updated IsCurrentMediaFileDVD API call to also return true for BluRays if the "include_blurays_as_dvds" property is set (which is the default for now)
5. Updated ShowAPI call GetRoleTypes so that it clones the array before it returns it since that array is used by the core for other purposes

STV Updates
1. Various performance optimizations
2. Updated thumbnail button overlay graphic & title text layout
3. Changed spinning circle wait animation to progress bar, and changed % progress indicators to use the enlarging progress bar.
4. Custom STVs can call the default STV and jump to a menu by specifying the menu widget's symbol ID in the gTargetMenuName variable. If the symbol lookup fails, it searches for the menu widget name, as it did before.
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