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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 06-29-2007, 10:49 AM
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Smile SageTV Beta V6.2.4 is Here!

Howdy all,

Time again for the public beta. It's been through a few versions already so it should treat you well.

As always, you can report bugs you find here: For forum discussions, please start new threads.

Here's the links:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

NOTE: For the WHS setup you can copy it to the Add-Ins folder in the Software share. Then install it through the WHS console. It even has a tab.

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

Here's the overly detailed release notes for the 6.2 versions so far:

SageTV V6.2.4 Release Notes 6/27/2007 BETA

Core Updates
1. Various performance optimizations
2. Disabled use of pseudoclient local playback optimization since we don't know it'll have rights to access to paths for sure
3. Added property repair_mismatched_media_filenames which if set to true will cause SageTV to rename any TV recordings that don't have their filename matching their Database IDs. This will allow a proper recovery of all the files if they have their paths changed.
4. Fixed synchronization bug in the image caching system
5. Run the FileExport plugins after transcoding jobs are complete
6. Fixed bug where Tables that didn't page sometimes erronously calculated the preferred size of internal components
7. Fixed various QAM/DVB tuning issues
8. Fix EPG buffer overflow in DVB-C
9. FIX: subtitle stream leaking into audio streams screws up PTS

Windows Updates
1. Fix Cinergy 2400 tuner broken code by adding HD HomeRun BDA support
2. Fixed bug in D3D where we'd switch to managed memory if we tried to load a corrupted image file
3. Fixed bug where on some systems the app would leak threads/handles and consume 100% of the CPU after awhile
4. Fixed bug on Vista where you were required to turn off DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

Placeshifter Updates
1. Added detection of Overlay failures on Windows and added popups for messages to help correct the problem.

Macintosh Updates (these were in the 6.2.3 release)
1. Fixed JOGL crashes due to invalid threading
2. Added autotuning support

Studio Updates
1. Updated GetMediaTitle API call so that it returns the title w/out the relative path for music, videos, DVDs & pictures
2. Added ClearMenuCache API call to Utility API

STV Updates
1. Music/Video Playlist Details menus: when selecting a playlist segment, extended ability to start playback of the playlist at that point, or if in shuffle mode, then start random playback.
2. Updated marker icons for Archived, First Run, HDTV, and Watched shows.
3. Online Videos list: fixed adding of "Previous" option when there were not enough items to first add "More".
4. The System Info screen now includes the Max JVM Heap Size, in addition to the Used & Total amounts.
5. Changed seeker/default_linux_recording_paths and seeker/default_linux_import_paths to be server based properties.
6. Changed GetMediaTitle() calls to GetShowTitle() when the relative path of an imported video/photo is needed.
7. Fixed music search by title where it could search the album name instead, then present a list of song titles.
8. Updated top info area to handle showing info for an imported video.
9. Updated the SearchResults menu to be able to show a mixed list of imported videos + recordings.
10. Added new search menu that has the ability to search all types of media, searching by various selectable categories.
11. Added SearchIcon.png as the icon for the Search option in media browsers.

SageTV V6.2.3 Release Notes 6/13/2007 BETA

Core Updates
1. Fixed EOF bug in MPEG pusher when it was doing TS detection on the first byte
2. Optimizations on parsing code for the MediaServer protocol
3. Fixed caching of URL images ('s hash is dependent upon more than just the URL path)
4. Optimized raw image loading support more so it'll load images more efficiently if they're already in the cache elsewhere
5. Fixed bug with file conversions when replacing the original file with another of the same file extension (it was appending .1 to the name before to make it unique)
6. Added further expression compiling support which speeds up execution of the evaluator by about 20%
7. Fix a QAM crash bug on AirGT

Linux Updates
1. Fixed HRC Cable support
2. Changed mount path for SMB paths to be under /tmp/sagetv_shares on Linux instead of under /mnt/shares so we don't need to worry about write access to /mnt

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug in Direct3D maximum texture determination that would cause VRAM thrashing
2. Added property ui/enable_d3d_compressed_loading which controls letting Direct3D do the image decompression itself instead of SageTV
3. Added BDA support for the HDHomeRun from Silicon Dust
4. Added support for the HAVA capture devices (analog network encoders)

Extender Updates
1. Fixed bug where smooth FF from one file to the next on the extender wouldn't keep playing
2. Changed media extender transcoding for 6 channel audio so that it preserves the 6 channel audio (before it would downmix to 2 channels). This also fixes support for playback of 6 channel AAC audio on the extender.
3. Fixed bug where WMA files wouldn't play on the extender anymore

Macintosh Updates
1. Fixed encoding to playback delays for playback with the Mac client

Studio Updates
1. Added vertical text alignment and transparency properties to Text and TextInput Widgets

STV Updates
1. Detailed Setup -> Server -> Media Extender and Placeshifter Server option dialog: added Cancel button that will close the dialog w/o toggling the ME/PS server setting.
2. Photo Viewer: when the slideshow is not set to restart after the last image, the prev/next buttons are grayed out when viewing the first/last picture in the list.
3. Photo Viewer: Fixed text color for buttons in focus on semi-transparent menu and added shaded background behind photo title in rotation menu.
4. Photo Viewer: Preload the first image before entering the photo viewer so that the first image is not being loaded at the same as that the next image is being preloaded.
5. Channel Setup: Changed button text to use 2 lines more effectively, fixed the buttons to use the inset values to keep the text within the button borders, and set the default font size for the buttons to 16 instead of 20 so the bottom of the letters would no longer get cut off.
6. Channel Setup: Prevent playback error message pop-up during channel scan.
7. Channel Setup: If a digital scan ends w/o receiving the "DONE" message and w/o the user cancelling the scan, then the rest of the channels not found are disabled.
8. Adjusted vertical placement of main menu items within the button image.
9. Detailed Setup -> Advanced: added option for "Optimized Image Loader" using the ui/disable_native_image_loader property. Default: false; Enabled.
10. Imported videos: Displayed extended detailed info.
11. When the screen saver is started, see if any of the old online video cached data should be released.
12. Changed default thumbnail font size to 14. Added BG slight color fill behind online video description area at top.
13. Don't turn OSD on if pause is used while already paused -- let it advance frame by frame.
14. Updated order of menu items on the YouTube Video menu.
15. Track last-browsed path for the Browse Media Files pop-up.
16. Video folder browser: Play now plays all items in the subfolder and its subfolders. Also added option to only play the items directly in that subfolder. Music folder browser: All items in the subfolder and its subfolders can be played now or added to the currently playing playlist. Also added option to only now play the items directly in that subfolder. (Previously only played items in the subfolder, w/o including items in all subfolders.)
17. When configuring tuning for a source, if "Don't Configure Tuning" is selected, then the tuning plugin is cleared in case it had been set for a previous use of that capture source.
18. Added option to Play All Songs on the music browser's playlist view.
19. Changed button styles for list of thumbs and category bar on Online Video search results screen.
20. Updated YouTube menu layout

SageTV V6.2.2 Release Notes 5/31/2007 BETA

NOTE: DVB-S2 support is not complete yet; there's still some bugs we're working on

Core Updates
1. DVB: Add UK "Virgin Media" cable frquency
2. Finished integration of scaled scaling insets support so it handles caching efficiently
3. Redid TS->PS remuxing wrapper so that it does the operation in parallel to the MiniPlayer consumption of the bytes. This is needed for HD content.
4. Changed cached PTS values to be the target seek time when doing a seek instead of resetting them to zero.
5. Fixed an infinite loop bug in the image caching system
6. Fixed bug where SageTV would remove all of your channels if the lineup disappeared from the EPG server
7. Fixed bug where rotated pictures would lose their relative library import path information
8. Fix DVB-S scan channel bugs
9. Add channel smart matching feature in TS parser for tuning, as TV station may change its service id, that causes tuning failure.
10. FIX: if multiple audio stream recording is disabled, TSSplitter parser still keeps checking audio format.

Linux Updates
1. Fixed hotplug storage detector on Linux so that it ignores all SATA/SCSI drives (it uses /dev/disk/by-id for this)

Windows Updates
1. DVB: Update TechnoTrend CAM/CI interface dll ver TTBdaDrvApi_dll.dll
2. Added support for Cyberlink ATI H.264 decoder
3. Fix AverMedia USB M038 support bug
4. Fixed bug where we'd overwrite native image data when loading it into a D3D texture

Extender Updates
1. Changed extender connection timeout to be 60 seconds instead of 30
2. Allow disabling RC5 mode via UI-specific property: rc5_disable

Macintosh Updates
1. Added DVD playback support (hard disk based and DVD dics)
2. Fixed support for the MediaMVP

STV Updates
1. Updated Channel Scan process to check non-ATSC digital tuner channel names instead of channel numbers.
2. Moved online video property files to the OnlineVideos subdirectory where the default STV is located: STVs\SageTV3\OnlineVideos
3. Online Video Search Results: After selecting More Search Results, focus is shifted back to the top of the list.
4. Removed old style online video code paths.
5. Added Detailed Setup -> Video/Audio option to choose DirectShow or SageTV Player for MPEG4 playback on Windows.
6. Fixed button insets for Favorite Details screen.
7. Reorganized Online Video menus to use properties files to define the choices, allow subcategories on the results screen, and to cache the search results. The cache time is determined by the online_video/cache_time_limit property, default: 5 minutes.
8. Online Videos: get video length via call to sage_media_rss_RSSMediaContent_getDuration(), when applicable.
9. Increased minimum size (height) of the scroll bar.
10. Added DialogBGTrans.png (and associated theme proeprties) to be used as the semi-transparent dialog BG used on the media playback screen.
11. Used theme property to fix button insets for media browser and tv editorial menus, to prevent button contents from extending into the button's transparent areas. Also fixed Weather, 10 Day Forecast, & Online Video search results.
12. Fixed button insets for Weather, 10 Day Forecast, Online Video search results, & other menus.
13. Fixed scroll bar width for Fav Manager, Source Wizard Summary, other source setup menus, & other menus.

SageTV V6.2.1 Release Notes 5/11/2007 BETA

Core Updates
1. Updated SageTVTranscoder to the latest codebase
2. Updated SageTVPlayer to the latest codebase
3. New format file for predefined scan channel frequency file
4. Fixed bug where a Favorite airing that got updated was left out of the Favorite set until the next profiler update was complete
5. Added ability to parse EPG data Strings that are broken into multiple segments
6. Fixed bug on client where it would check the local filesystem for server thumbnails
7. Fixed bug where imported DVDs didn't import any metadata
8. Fixed bug where reimporting MedaFiles with metadata changes didn't actually get reflected in the database
9. Major memory usage optimization to the font loading system
10. When searching for ChannelLogos also 'clean' the name and search for that in case there's invalid characters in the channel name
11. Fixed bug where the Role names didn't change until restart if the language was changed
12. Fixed bug where a partial Favorite recording wouldn't be kept if it's show data wasn't unique
13. Added support for new DVB table parsing
14. Fixed bug where translation file wouldn't be found if different paths were used to launch SageTV vs. the properties file (like 8.3 vs. long filenames on Windows)
15. Add support for DVB-S
16. FiX: 7 days more EPG missing bug in DVB
17. FIX:ATSC EPG use wrong other channel's title or description, when EPG doesn't provide title or desc

Linux Updates
1. Fixed hotplug storage detector on Linux so that it ignores all SATA/SCSI drives (it uses /dev/disk/by-id for this)

Windows Updates
1. Updated AC3 filter to the latest 1.30b version

Placeshifter Updates
1. Enabled displaying the wait indicator for extenders/placeshifter
2. Don't show the wait cursor in the Placeshifter if the cursor is already hidden.
3. Changed startup message for OpenGL to just 'Please Wait...' if we're connecting to the localhost
4. Disabled JOGL text rendering when connecting to another machine from a Mac since quite often it's a different OS w/ a different JVM version which causes text to be truncated (Win/Linux both support JRE1.6 which is what most people use now so we didn't enable it on those...but Mac is still on 1.5)

Extender Updates
1. Enabled displaying the wait indicator for extenders/placeshifter

Macintosh Updates
1. Fixed bug where the mvp.bin file wasn't found on the Macintosh.
2. Fixed bug on Mac where the app window would disappear and you couldn't quit the app if you clicked the full screen icon a few times

Studio Updates
1. Added NumRows, NumCols, NumPages, NumHPages, NumVPages to the set of paging change variables that fire paging listeners
2. Added ability to Save Studio files as STV's again (must be done with Save A Copy As... and then use a .stv extension)
3. Added Utility API call SetScrollPosition
4. Fixed initialization of paging variables when used inside a Table
5. Added scalable scaling insets support
6. Fixed bug where hidden background components didn't have their sizing information reset
7. Fixed bug in preferred size calculation where it wasn't restricting the size appropriately when using a relative size
8. Fixed initialization of paging variables when used in a Panel
9. Fixed bug where the layout properties for a widget weren't re-evaluated if its conditional state changed midway through the layout process

STV Updates
1. Added current display and window resolutions to system info.
2. Fixed initial focus for time zone selection Config Wiz menu.
3. Fixed buttons to obey theme settings for normal button text color instead of using basic white as the normal color.
4. Added widget inset themes to be used for the parent UI widgets of MenuBarLong.png, MenuBarShort.png, and DialogBG.png in order to control the area and placement of UI widgets shown over those images -- keep the displayed items within the image's borders.
5. Adjusted scroll bar widths in many places.
6. Dir & File Browsers: mark invalid and empty dirs when one is entered.
7. Dir & File Browsers: fixed display of root import dirs. It used to display as a blank path because there is no subdir name to pull out of the path.
8. Copy file from import library to client: fixed issue when copying from a drive letter path.
9. Added mouse click & drag scroll bar support, using new SetScrollPosition() API call.
10. Applied Scaling Insets for dialog BG, long menu bar, short menu bar
11. Reduced text color intensity for count of folder items in media browsers.
12. Added theme support for base image resolution for scaling insets. The base resolution is the SageTV Window resolution at which the scaling inset is the actual displayed pixel count.
13. Added theme support to use scaling insets for regular button BG and highlight images.
14. Changed theme names included with SageTV: "Standard SDTV" (default), "Standard HD720", and "Standard HD1080". These themes use some different images and scaling insets for various resolutions: 720x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080.
15. Used theme properties for basic white, basic black, shadow white, shadow black, etc.
16. Multi-column browser items: changed so title on top, thumb on bottom.
17. After loading a new STV or STV import, reset the current theme marker to force it to reload.
18. Reduced width of Main Menu style items to 75% total screen width.
19. Hidden: Don't use hidden feature for special BG image if the ui/BackgroundImage property is blank; also added option to clear that setting after choosing a new BG image.
20. Added name of currently used theme to System Info screen.
21. Added code to clear & reload menu cache when the theme is reloaded so that certain theme values get used instead of the older cached settings.
22. Added code to reset all global variables from the ApplicationStarted hook when the STV changes, and to check that the global vars have been set when the Main Menu is loaded.
23. Use check box to indicate selection for: Timed Record days of week, and New import dir media types.
24. Added initial theme support with preview during theme selection.
25. Hidden: Changed regex filter results to include only lower case versions to prevent listing things like "the" and "The" among the 5 results shown under the text input area.
26. Added option to specify a custom value for the max number of channel digits -- Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Channel Entry Options. Server Property: ui/channel/max_digits; default: 0. If 0, SageTV auto-determines max digits.
27. Added option to use "auto-accept after timeout" when entering channel numbers in the Program Guide or during playback -- Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Channel Entry Options. Local Property: ui/channel/auto_accept; true: accept entered digits when timeout occurs; false (default): clear digits when timeout occurs.
28. Reduced alpha for border color of time row & channel column items in Program Guide
29. Added properties to specify default recording & video dirs on Linux: seeker/default_linux_recording_paths and seeker/default_linux_import_paths
30. Changed all "linux/network/..." properties to be server based.
31. Use images for vertical scroll bars instead of shapes
32. Always load the theme when one is selected, instead of only when a different one is selected.
33. Music browser search: use Radio button to mark which search type is in use.
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Old 07-05-2007, 12:10 AM
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If you can't see the volume control slider, then try the updated image in this post.

- Andy
SageTV Open Source v9 is available.
- Read the SageTV FAQ. Older PDF User's Guides mostly still apply: SageTV V7.0 & SageTV Studio v7.1.
- Hauppauge remote help: 1) Basics/Extending it 2) Replace it 3) Use it w/o needing focus
- HD Extenders: A) FAQs B) URC MX-700 remote setup
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