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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 06-15-2010, 10:48 AM
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Cool SageTV V7.0.11 Beta is Ready!

Howdy again all!

We have another beta release of V7 ready for you now.

All of the high-level information on V7 can be found here:

Be sure to read the above post as it contains important information regarding upgrade pricing and new features

As always, report bugs you find here:

Here's the download links for V7.0.11:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

SageTV Media Center for Linux - Debian Package Installer

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux - Debian Package Installer

The release notes from version 7.0.10 can be found here:

Below are the detailed release notes for V7.0.11:

SageTV V7.0.11 Beta 6/15/2010

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug where folder.jpg thumbnail files on the server (or any external thumbnail file) didn't show up properly on the client unless it was using a UNC path or common mapped drive
2. Added property "transcoder/dont_add_converted_duplicate_files_to_db" which defaults to false, but if set to true will then not added converted files to the media database automatically unless the converted file is replacing the original recording.
3. When a 'halt' is detected during recording from a Digital TV Tuner (i.e. ATSC, QAM, DVB), don't fully unload/reload the device, just retune and restart the recording. The old behavior where the device was fully unloaded/reloaded in this case can be enabled again by setting the property "mmc/fully_reload_digital_tuners_on_halt_detection=true".
4. SageTVClients connected to a server will now prevent the server from going into Standby. (previously only media streamed from the server would prevent the server from entering Standby)
5. Disable animations on the MediaMVP and prevent them from being enabled at all since it cannot handle them
6. Added property "ui/reverse_channel_surf" which will invert the behavior for channel up/down if set to true. (useful if you have the EPG display order reversed but don't want channel surfing reversed as well)
7. Added DVB-T frquencies for Greece
8. Updated Australia-Perth DVB frequencies
9. Fixed bug where seamless file transitions did not work with DVB-S H.264 content
10. Fix: wrong stream description causing no signal on a clear QAM channel.
11. Fix: empty audio sub-stream (no data) causing slow DVB channel tuning.
12. Fix: H.264 wrong aspect ratio calculation.

Linux Updates
1. Added the firewire tuning plugin to the Linux server installations

Windows Updates
1. Fixed synchronization bug in DirectShow capture device handling that could cause SageTV to crash in rare cases
2. Fixed bug where using SageTVPlayer along with the 3D renderer would sometimes cause the application to crash if the media player didn't terminate properly
3. Added the ability to playback .wtv files when using Windows (not officially supported, but it should work now; .wtv files will not work on extenders, placeshifters or any other way)
4. Added workaround to handle DirectX error 0x800401F0

Placeshifter Updates
1. Fixed bug where the asynchronous image loading would interfere with disabling cryptographic communication with the Placeshifter client and cause it to disconnect right after logging in
2. Added support for automatically restarting the transcoder for placeshifter streaming in the event that it fails for some reason.
3. Fixed bug where the video in the placeshifter sometimes didn't get resized properly due to the UI being hidden before video streaming began.
4. Fixed crash in the Windows placeshifter when 3D acceleration was enabled if the media player didn't terminate properly and was then re-used again

Extender Updates
1. Added property "extender_power_keeps_server_out_of_standby" which defaults to false, but if set to true will prevent the server from going into Standby if any media extenders are connected to it. Normally, activity or media playback is required on the media extenders to keep the server from entering standby if the OS is configured for it.

Studio Updates
1. Added Database API call StripLeadingArticles(String) which will remove any a, an or the prefixes from a String just like SortLexical will if that feature is enabled.
2. Updated Favorite API calls that modify Favorites to return a boolean value. It will be true if the Favorite was modified successfully and false if the modification would have made the Favorite identical to an existing Favorite (which is not allowed). The modified API calls are SetRunStatus, SetFavoriteTitle, SetFavoriteCategories, SetFavoritePerson, SetFavoriteRated, SetFavoriteYear, SetFavoriteParentalRating, SetFavoriteKeyword, SetFavoriteChannel, SetFavoriteNetwork, SetFavoriteTimeslot and UpdateFavorite
3. Added Playlist API calls GetPlaylistProperty(Playlist, String) and SetPlaylistProperty(Playlist, String, String) for getting/setting arbitrary properties on playlist objects (similar to Favorite and ManualRecord properties)
4. Added support for serialization to the RSS classes

Plugin System Updates
1. Updated MediaFileRemoved event so that it also includes a UIContext variable if a user initiated the removal of the media file
2. Fixed bug where we only tracked directory creation from plugin installs if debug logging was enabled
3. Fixed bug where zip files for plugin installs that didn't have explicit entries for creating directories wouldn't have them created automatically (cause of Plucky's Main Menu Mod installation failure)

STV Updates
1. When finding a unique new station ID, make sure it isn't 0.
2. Do not allow changing animation options when using an MVP; animations are always disabled on it.
3. Don't ask to reload the UI if a UI Mod plugin installation or removal fails.
4. Always refer to plugin updates as "updates" rather than "upgrades".
5. Plugin list: when sorting by author or date, also sort by plugin name to keep those with the same author/date sorted by plugin name.
6. Favorite Manager obeys the single column list wrap-around scrolling setting.
7. Can configure vertical wrap around scrolling for the Program Guide grid in that menu's Options dialog and/or in Detailed Setup -> Customize. Default: enabled.
8. Fixed parallel recording schedule so that after changing the number of rows, each row continues to cover 30 minutes.
9. Added disclaimer on Plugin menu telling users that plugins are user-created & not supported by SageTV. The warning dialog has an option to not show the message again.
10. Fixed System Messages menu so that new channel preview does not play in both the preview window area and as the menu background.
11. System Information: Removed redundant default recording quality line and added comment for digital tuners that recording quality setting does not apply to them.
12. Removed parent category name from menu title for dynamic online video feeds.
13. Fixed path to images used from the Standard theme in SecureLogin.xml file
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