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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 06-03-2010, 03:58 PM
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Cool SageTV V7.0.10 Beta is Ready!

Howdy again all!

We have another beta release of V7 ready for you now. This is mostly bug fixes; and lots of little changes to the UI based on feedback. (and we added skipping prefixes such as 'a, an, the' when sorting....a longtime request; other items of signficant interest are bolded in the release notes)

All of the high-level information on V7 can be found here:

Be sure to read the above post as it contains important information regarding upgrade pricing and new features

As always, report bugs you find here:

Here's the download links for V7.0.10:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

SageTV Media Center for Linux - Debian Package Installer

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux - Debian Package Installer

The release notes from version 7.0.9 can be found here:

Below are the detailed release notes for V7.0.10:

SageTV V7.0.10 Beta 6/3/2010

Core Updates
1. Fixed issue where new searching for miscellaneous Airing fields (such as Season Finale, Series Premiere, etc.) did not work with the regex search functions
2. Fixed some timing issues in the effects animation system that could cause incorrect renderings on the Main Menu
3. Fixed potential exception error when saving the Wiz.bin file due to customizations setting null values for certain fields where they weren't expected
4. Disable doing file format detection on startup for any files in the database that don't have a valid format already. This can slow down some startup scenarios a lot if they happen to have a fair amount of files that can't have their format detected properly.
5. Fixed bug where playing back a SageTV recorded file with embedded metadata will fail if done from the Browse Media Files menu and the file was not imported into the SageTV database.
6. Added property setting "ui/disable_freetype_fonts" which defaults to true. If set to false, then Freetype font loading will not be used and all fonts will be loaded using the same technique as in V6 (useful for enabling bidi text support)
7. Fixed bug where in rare cases an expired image from the cache could be returned without being refreshed
8. Fixed bug where file paths in .m3u playlists files that contained directory recursion (i.e. ..) did not import properly
9. Using the 'Back' command when an OptionsMenu is open will now close it. This behavior can be disabled by setting the UI-specific property: ui/back_closes_options_menus=false
10. Added property "wizard/search_media_formats" which defaults to false. If set to true, then calls to SearchSelectedFields(Regex) will also search the media format information if the 'misc' field is specified to be searched.
11. Fixed bug where the 'hit rectangle' for mouse detection wasn't handled properly if an effect translated an items position (this manifested itself as clicking on the OSD after a screensaver occurred caused the first click to hide the OSD instead of reacting to the button press)
12. Fixed bug where zoom effects didn't update the clipping region properly if animations were turned off (visible in the video library)
13. Fixed bug in core listeners for scroll up/down/left/right events so that sibling components of scrolling panels can process the events as well. (since paging controls for scrollable panels need to be siblings instead of being inside the scrollable component itself)
14. Fixed bug where tuning the HDPVR sometimes had a large delay associated with it (cause was due to a delayed format detection)
15. Added optimized format detection for WAV files
16. Updated JCIFS library used to be the same as the one used on the HD200

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug in the DirectX renderer on Windows where clipped shapes weren't always clipped properly (manifested itself with the OSD timebar going all the way to the left of the screen sometimes)
2. Fixed leak in the DirectX renderer on Windows where if FSE allocation of the renderer failed at startup we didn't cleanup the devices allocated in that process
3. Fixed bug where ISO mounting on Windows through VirtualCloneDrive did not work properly in service mode
4. Fix crash on switching OGG audio in the new demux
5. Fixed bug where ID3 tags weren't skipped properly in the Windows DirectShow source filter (caused MP3 playback to fail sometimes)
6. Fixed issue with volume control in Windows Vista/7 where the control wasn't logarithmic so only the top end of the volume slider was actually useful.

7. Added the JDIC desktop components to the WHS installer so web pages can be launched if the UI is being run locally on the WHS machine

Extender Updates
1. Force media extender and placeshifter clients to use the default UI when the server is upgraded. This can be disabled with the wizard/revert_stv_on_upgrade=false property setting.
2. Disable displaying of the closed captioning text if we don't cover at least 50% of the screen in both dimensions (fixes bug where CC shows up badly when the video is in a preview window)

Studio Updates
1. Added support for using SageTVClient context names to execute API calls on a SageTVClient from the SageTV server. The sage.SageTV.apiUI() call is used to do this; and the context names can be retrieved using the API call GetConnectedClients().
2. Fixed bug where MouseClick event listeners didn't propogate the events properly if not consumed
3. Fixed issue with trailing/leading whitespace in the Configuration API call SetTimeZone()
4. Fixed the GetOverscanInsetXXX() API calls so that they return the correct value (their prior calculations were slightly off)
5. Updated Database API call SortLexical so that it can ignore prefixes such as 'the', 'a' and 'an' when doing a sort. This is controlled by the property 'ui/ignore_the_when_sorting'. And the list of prefixes ignored is specified in the comma delimited list in the property 'ui/prefixes_to_ignore_on_sort'.
6. Added Global API call GetUIComponentContext() which returns the UIComponent object that the API call is originating from (see documentation for more details)
7. Added Plugin API call GetPluginCreationDate(Plugin) which returns the creation date specified in the plugin's manifest
8. Updated Plugin API call GetPluginModificationDate(Plugin) so that if no modification date is specified in the plugins' manifest, it's creation date will be returned

Plugin System Updates
1. When there are STVI plugins active for an STV; also search for images relative to the STVI locations as well instead of just the STV location.
2. Added variable FullReindex[boolean] to the ImportingCompleted event
3. Added new event: PluginStarted (called when a plugin is started by being explicitly enabled after startup, will not be called when all enabled plugins are started at startup) - vars: Plugin
4. Added new event: PluginStopped (called when a plugin is stopped by being explicitly disabled before shutdown, will not be called when all enabled plugins are stopped at shutdown) - vars: Plugin
5. Added variable Reason[String] to the MediaFileRemoved event. The possible values are Diskspace, KeepAtMost, User, VerifyFailed and PartialOrUnwanted
6. Fixed bug where the MediaFileRemoved event could end up getting fired multiple times for a single deletion of a MediaFile
7. Fixed bug where the MediaFileRemoved event could end up getting fired multiple times for a single deletion of a MediaFile ( , I realized now that this one is in there twice, but it's so coincidentally funny I had to leave it )
8. Fixed bug where STVI plugins were not allowed to be installed unless they were compatible with the currently loaded STV.
9. STVImport specifications in plugin manifests no longer need to have any path relative information. The installation sequence will automatically find the file location when it extracts it.
10. Added properties setting "debug_core_events" which default to false. If set to true, then debug logging information will be output for every event sent from the core to every plugin. Useful for tracking down plugins that hang or slow down the plugin event queue.

STV Updates
1. Updated recommended extender firmware versions - HD100: '20100212 0'; HD200: '20100518 1', and included info about using beta firmware in the newer firmware recommendation shown the user.
2. Displayed some plugin type names using more user friendly wording: 'Standard' is shown as 'General'; 'STV' as 'Full UI' or 'Full UI Package'; 'STVI' as 'UI Mod' or 'UI Modification'.
3. File Browser: added "Enter Network Path" option in options slide-out when browsing network paths.
4. Indented episode title on 2nd line of single-column airings lists to match indentation for 2nd line of grouped items.
5. Fixed display of imported videos on search results menu.
6. Sorted recording groupings so that the Info area on SageTV Recordings menu matches sort order when viewing that group of recordings on the next menu.
7. Changed Detailed Setup -> Advanced optons: 'SageTV Application Package' to 'Set Full UI Package'; 'Import SageTV Application Package' to 'Import UI Modification'.
8. Bold/Italicize title & episode text listed in the info area for Fav/MR and Watched airings, to match airing lists.
9. Don't include DVD duration in video browser when the DVD has a description, unless the duration is known.
10. Fix display of long channel numbers in upper OSD area and make sure the last digit is displayed after auto-accepting the entered numbers.
11. After installing an STVi plugin, call EnablePlugin() to make sure it is enabled.
12. Fixed overscan compensation calculations for widget positioning & sizing.
13. Plugin options dialog: If an update is available for an installed plugin, add option to 'View Upgraded Plugin Details".
14. Added Detailed Setup -> General -> Animation Options -> "Cycle through subgroup items" option to enable/disable cycling through each item in a group that has focus. Default: disabled.
15. Main Menu: Online top level item now has default action to jump to the Online Services menu. Also added a copy of the Weather item to the Online Services menu.
16. Added next/prev song icons to the music playback bar shown on some menus when music is playing. Also: can now click on the song info on the bar to jump to the playback menu.
17. Fixed constant flashing refresh issue when the parental control confirmation dialog was displayed over the top of the recordings options dialog.
18. Added more space between logo & tip text in footer.
19. Added options to set the number of rows and font size on the Recording Schedule menu.
20. Main Menu: updated mouse event handling to work better with touch screens.
21. When creating a list of TV categories, add the name from the 'alternate_movie_category' property, if it exists.
22. Fixed issue where renamed SageTV Recordings menu views would be displayed incorrectly if user returned to the Main Menu by using Back after renaming a view.
23. When digital channel scan receives DONE code, set progress bar to show it is 100% complete.
24. When using the Home command, force the Main Menu to display with all of its submenus closed.
25. Added options to set number of columns & rows and font size in the SageTV Recordings and Search Results menus. The number of rows & font size is tracked separately for single & multi column modes.

26. Left justified text displayed on top of multi-column thumbnails.
27. The number of rows & font size is tracked separately for single & multi column modes in the photo, music, and video browsers.
28. When configuring scheduling lookahead, show the acceptable range of values as 1-14.
29. Allow all clients to use the "Exit SageTV" option on the Main Menu.
30. Changed some uses of GetShowTitle() to new GetMediaFileRelativePath() API call since some imported media no longer had the relative import path as part of the title field.
31. Changed entry of Slideshow Transition Duration to be in seconds instead of tenths of a second.
32. Renamed default theme from "Standard SDTV" to "Standard".
33. If the currently selected theme no longer exists when loading a theme, then revert to the default theme.
34. Added Detailed Setup -> Customize -> "Ignore Leading Articles During Text Sorting" option. The option can be enabled/disabled and the list of leading article words to ignore can be edited. Note: Remote UIs use server properties for these settings. Menu cache is cleared so this will affect already-visited menus.
35. When installing a Theme plugin, check if a new theme was found. If so, ask to switch to it. If multiple new themes found, display the full theme selection dialog.
36. When removing or upgrading a theme plugin, reload currently used theme in case it was affected.
37. Removed Info command listeners & Info option for music & video playlists since they no longer jump to a new menu to view a playlist's segments.
38. Don't ask to restart or resume playback of a recording if the airing is currently airing or still recording.
39. Fixed playback & other menus' links to old style navigation menus for Setup & Library commands.
40. Playlist segment options: if the segment's media is missing, added note that playing the playlist may allow SageTV to relink to the media.
41. Fixed Main Menu text size issue when focus transitions are disabled.
42. Changed min number of images per row in imported media browsers to 1; was previously 2.
43. Fixed height of recording/import dir items on recording/import dir config menu.
44. Added shuffle/repeat options to the playback options dialog when playback is a video playlist. Put these options for videos & music on the left side of the dialog, below detailed info button.
45. Plugin options dialog: moved Close to the top of the button list.
46. Plugin list: When viewing installed plugins, added slide-out option to disable all plugins.
47. Changed active category marker from gray to light blue.
48. Main Menu: fixed mouse navigation when the option for focus follows mouse movement is disabled.
49. Plugin List: Added confirmation dialog to confirm option to reset a plugin's configuration settings.
50. Properly centered the text on buttons with icons.
51. When asking the user whether to restart SageTV due to plugin changes, mention that plugin changes requiring a restart may result in those plugins being marked as Failed until SageTV is restarted.
52. If an STVI change creates a need to reload the UI & the user delays the reload, remind the user when the plugin listing menu is entered.
53. Added plugin type category bar item allowing viewing All plugins.
54. Plugin List: Added filter to only display plugins with updates available.
55. Plugin List: Added option to sort by plugin name, author name, or most recently changed.
56. Fixed BG image for plugin menus.
57. Fixed scroll bars to handle scrolling associated area when that area does not have focus.
58. If Hulu Desktop app is lauched, pause any currently playing media.
Jeffrey Kardatzke
Founder of SageTV
Old 06-10-2010, 02:03 PM
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STV update for v7.0.10

The following downloadable STV update is available for v7.0.10:

New STV version:, file set 2010061001
  1. Don't ask to reload the UI if a UI Mod plugin installation or removal fails.
  2. Always refer to plugin updates as "updates" rather than "upgrades".
  3. Plugin list: when sorting by author or date, also sort by plugin name to keep those with the same author/date sorted by plugin name.
  4. Favorite Manager obeys the single column list wrap-around scrolling setting.
  5. Can configure vertical wrap around scrolling for the Program Guide grid in that menu's Options dialog and/or in Detailed Setup -> Customize. Default: enabled.
  6. Fixed parallel recording schedule so that after changing the number of rows, each row continues to cover 30 minutes.
  7. Added disclaimer on Plugin menu telling users that plugins are user-created & not supported by SageTV. The warning dialog has an option to not show the message again.
  8. Fixed System Messages menu so that new channel preview does not play in both the preview window area and as the menu background.
  9. System Information: Removed redundant default recording quality line and added comment for digital tuners that recording quality setting does not apply to them.
  10. Removed parent category name from menu title for dynamic online video feeds.
  11. Updated Placeshifter login screen so it can use the default theme's images.

You can either wait for the system message telling you the update is available or get it at Detailed Setup -> Advanced -> Check for STV Update.

Based on testing earlier in the v7 beta, the downloadable STV updates should work on Windows Vista & 7 even when UAC is enabled, so a manual download & installation of this update should not be needed.

- Andy
SageTV Open Source v9 is available.
- Read the SageTV FAQ. Older PDF User's Guides mostly still apply: SageTV V7.0 & SageTV Studio v7.1.
- Hauppauge remote help: 1) Basics/Extending it 2) Replace it 3) Use it w/o needing focus
- HD Extenders: A) FAQs B) URC MX-700 remote setup
Note: This is a users' forum; see the Rules. For official tech support fill out a Support Request.
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