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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 08-01-2007, 01:10 PM
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Wink SageTV V6.2.5 Beta is Here

Howdy all,

It's been a little while; but here's another beta update. Sorry for the delay...but we've been busy.

As always, you can report bugs you find here: For forum discussions, please start new threads.

Here's the links:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

NOTE: For the WHS setup you can copy it to the Add-Ins folder in the Software share. Then install it through the WHS console. It even has a tab.

SageTV Media Center for Macintosh

SageTV Client for Macintosh

SageTV Placeshifter for Macintosh

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

Here's the overly detailed release notes for the 6.2.5 version so far:

SageTV V6.2.5 Release Notes 7/31/2007 BETA

Core Updates
1. Fixed A/V sync bug with H.264 AVI files
2. Fixed mp3 seek crash bug
3. Added property: ui/thread_hang_delay_to_dump which if set to a value greater than zero and running under JRE 1.5 or higher; it'll dump the stack of all threads if the hang detector is hung for longer than that value.
4. Fixed bug where Favorites could temporarily be lost from the schedule for a short time after an EPG update if their data got changed during the update
5. Re-enabled the global hook cache optimization
6. Support changing from Air to Cable tuning mode without having to restart the app or pick a different input first.
7. Added support for closing and re-opening the DirecTV serial port if a channel change fails.
8. Fixed resource cache string generation in MetaImage if the name had invalid chars in it
9. Added Apple TV transcoding profiles
10. Fixed bug in transcoding conversion when you weren't replacing files
11. Fixed bug where we would try to seek to a negative value in the MPEG2 push reader
12. Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in SFIRTuner when using an undefined blaster
13. Fixed bug where transcode jobs with dots in the file path of the destination folder could cause an invalid path to be used
14. Fixed bug where conversions with replace original recording selected didn't work anymore
15. Fixed bug where skip forward would be disabled for files with timestamps in the future
16. Fixed bug introduced into SageTVPlayer that caused A/V sync loss in AVIs
17. Various DVB/Transport Stream bug fixes
18. Able to setup frequency shift in PredefDVBT.frq to fine tune frequency, defautlt frequency shift is 125000
19. Fine tune DVB-T channel with shifting frequency -125000, +125000.
20. FIX: failed to get tuning data by "major-minor" channel mapping
21. Prevent leaking data into recording when switching channel with digital TV
22. Add control (TELETEXT.ENABLE ) to turn on/off Teletex to record into a file for DVB
23. FIX:no signal when disable multiple audio tracks (Rick's problem)
24. FIX: DVB-T Jerky on UK ITV1 channel
25. Roll back CAM/CI for Technotrend code, it seems broken code (reported by MarkSS)

Windows Updates
1. Added support for HVR-1800
2. Added ClearQAM support for HVR-1600 & HVR-1800 (1800 has undergone limited testing)
3. Added support for AverMedia M780 in Windows Vista (ClearQAM support *might* work in Vista only; but hasn't undergone necessary testing yet)
4. Don't ignore encoders that have already been configured
5. Fixed what the UI shows for default language track selection in DirectShow Media Player
6. Added support for selecting between multiple audio tracks for AVI files
7. Added CoreAVC filter and the new Cyberlink filter to the default H.264 codec search list
8. Fixed bug in Direct3D renderer where the transparency was sometimes wrong on the shading color
9. Fixed location of default music, video and pictures directories on Windows Vista.
10. Fixed bug where music files would end early
11. Added support for Nebula DVB-T tuner.

Placeshifter Updates
1. Fixed push/pull format support detection and also audio/video support codec detection for extender/placeshifter clients.
2. Fixed crash bug when failing to load an image from the cache in the Placeshifter

Macintosh Updates
1. Added DirecTV serial control
2. Removes server only tabs if full app is not detected on the system
3. New, expanded prefs panel with support for configuring serial devices
4. DVD resume now works, using a bookmark to resume playback
5. Preserve the volume setting on the Macintosh between file changes

Studio Updates
1. Major performance enhancements to reflected method invocation from the Studio.
2. Added commonly used reflected functions to a 'hidden' core API which will speed up their execution more
3. Enabled displaying of cropped text in the UI by default now. This is controlled with the property "ui/show_cropped_text". The property "ui/hide_cropped_text" no longer has any effect.
4. Changed shape rendering boundaries when drawn inside a scrollable panel so that they obey the scroll boundaries and not the display boundaries.
5. Updated focus system so that the following order always happens: FocusLost hook, FocusGained hook, re-evaluation of components that are focus-dependent
6. Added Airing API call: IsNotManualOrFavorite(Airing) which returns true if that Airing is not a ManualRecord and not a Favorite (remember !(a || b) == (!a && !b))
7. Updated GetAiringsOnViewableChannelsAtTime API call so that it actually returns an Airing[] like documented.
8. Fixed FilterByBoolMethod API call when giving it multiple or'd parameters to filter on and inverting the results.
9. Changed RSSItem getThumbURL call so it fixes entity references in the returned value
10. Added new getCleanDescription method to cache the HTML stripping from RSS descriptions
11. Significant performance optimization to the RSSItem.getCleanDescription() function (it no longer uses any regex internally to clean the HTML tags from the description)
12. Added property "preload_expression_cache" which if set to true will cause SageTV to parse every expression in an STV when it loads it. Slightly helps performance; also useful for checking for expression errors in an entire STV.
13. Added ability to 'theme' Image Widgets

STV Updates
1. Fixed issues relating to use of NumListingCols when it is null.
2. Increased thumbnail transition animation time to 1 second.
3. Converted Photo, Video, and Music browser thumbnail buttons to the new style. If album art isn't shown yet on a thumb button, show the music item title slightly smaller and faded.
4. Added icon markers to the TV Show Highlight screen.
5. Icon bars: Added GoRecordings.png for the SageTV Recordings link; added GoSchedule.png for the Recording Schedule link; added support to use SortingIcon.png for the sorting options. Renamed VideosIcon.png to GoVideoLib.png.
6. Removed colored outlines around airings; used marker icons to indicate the same info instead. A Fav uses the faded F marker if not recorded or scheduled; CurRec uses REC icon, etc. Also removed colored outline descriptions from the Help menu pop-up.
7. For SageTV Recordings thumb mode, reduced width of logo in top info area & expanded info to fit extra space. Also expanded height of top info area to fill more available space.
8. Icon bars: Added VideosIcon.png for the Video Lib link; added GroupingIcon.png for grouping options. Changed order of icon bar items for recordings & videos. Temporarily used text for icon bar items missing graphics.
9. Changed TV Show Editorials: align editorial info vertically, even if no thumb available; display icon markers to indicate whether the show is recorded or in the schedule, along with other status markers. Full info screen displays number of future airings.
10. Hidden: used an image as the button highlight for the malore custom 2-pane menus.
11. Changed order of conversion format names to be a presorted list, with custom qualities added to the end of the list. The preset sort order is stored in this property: transcoder/sort_order
12. Updated Create Timed Recording screen to use new scroll up/down arrows for the channel list & to use the small bordered button style.
13. Enabled converting portions of groups of videos instead of only converting the entire video when converting a group.
14. Added Transparency/GenericDVDThumb theme property to control transparency level of the generic DVD thumbnail art.
15. Changed alpha for color coded category BG fill to default to 110 instead of 160. Also changed color to fill only a portion of recording/airing list entries. Guide cells are still completely filled by category color.
16. Changed recording/airing lists to align row numbers to a preset width so the rest of the row aligns vertically.
17. Updated Program Guide, Conflict details, and Recording Schedule to use new button highlight for grid style airing displays.
18. Removed option to choose the View style in the browser pop-up options menus, since all view styles can be selected directly from the category bar.
19. Removed Y padding between items listed for folders in the upper info area.
20. Converted video & music browsers to use a category bar for selecting the view style.
21. Updated airing lists to use a button w/a small border so there is more room to display the text using a slightly larger font & have it easier to read.
22. Fixed issue of currently active search category when returning to the Search menu via Forward or Back.
23. Removed "&amp" replacement by "&" for online video thumb url.
24. Replaced RSSItem_getDescription() and subsequent text cleanup calls with a call to RSSItem_getCleanDescription()
25. Used slightly larger OSDVolSlider.png image so it will display properly. Also fixed size of the image widget so the slider gets displayed at the proper size.
26. Improved handling of menu reloading when menu layout options change that would require the menu to be reloaded.
27. Added iphone.png conversion format image and changed the iPod conversion format to say "iPod / iPhone", with both associated images displayed next to the format names.
28. Removed option for Media Extender Conversion Quality when the media extender server is not enabled.
29. Added error message to Browse by Category screen, if no cagegorized airings were found.
30. Added button to advanced pop-up options dialog for grouped videos to disable use of that dialog. It is turned on by re-enabling Advanced mode in the pop-up options dialog for individual videos.
31. Removed a few unnecessary FocusLost hooks with forked calls to RefreshArea(), because they were no longer needed.
32. Added Search to Media Center menu; removed Archived Recordings from that menu.
33. Fixed start time display when displaying converted video length from start time to video end.
34. Finished overhauling the SageTV Recordings, Search Results, Recording Schedule and other menus that display lists of airings or recordings. These menus now include an icon bar and a category bar where various viewing and filtering options can be selected. Menus listing existing recordings can be configured to display in thumbnail mode, using a 2 row x 3 col layout. The recording schedule can be viewed with the items grouped by day.
35. Search: When using Up arrow at the top of the keypad, switch focus to one of the category bars rather than the results list.
36. Search: Fixed input timeout issues and removed dot animation while input timeout is counting down.
37. Forked RefreshArea() calls for animated thumb lists in LayoutHook.
38. Search: Search results are kept visible while entering a search term & while updating the search results. Status messages are displayed on top of the existing results.
39. Photo Search: Added button for slideshow of all photos that were found, if more than 1 photo was found.
40. Use ClearMenuCache() API call to clear menu cache after loading a theme.
41. Fixed super-high-speed flashing red warning area when deleting multiple files.
42. Narrowed width of subcategory bar on the search menu and changed subcategory names to all lower case.
43. Added "Advanced Options" button to imported media browser options menu, where the user can choose to configure the import dirs, rescan the dirs, or to allow imported video files to be deleted.
Jeffrey Kardatzke
Founder of SageTV
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