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SageTV Linux Discussion related to the SageTV Media Center for Linux. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. relating to the SageTV Linux should be posted here.

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Old 06-15-2006, 12:29 PM
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SageTV V5.0.5 Release Candidate for Linux

Howdy all! We've got the V5 Release Candidate for Linux ready now.

The install instructions are the same as for the V5 Linux Beta and can be found here:

(the corresponding files that get downloaded have been updated on our server)

If you did the Gentoo install of the V5 Beta according to our instructions, then to upgrade to V5.0.5 just go to the shell and type these 2 commands:


That will then download the latest versions of SageTV for Linux for you and extract them to the /opt/sagetv folder (the default install location).

Here's the release notes for V5.0.5:

SageTV V5.0.5 Release Notes 6/15/06

Core Updates
1. Fixed rare lockup bug that could be caused by multiple clients starting at exactly the same time
2. Fixed bug in network encoder server that happens on a file switch
3. Added support for local PS connections always working in service mode even if it's disabled
4. Fixed bug due to duplicated timed recordings
5. Fixed bug where the user couldn't delete files that didn't have accessible file paths
6. Fixed potential bug with restarting a timer after UI is destroyed

Studio Updates
1. Added Global API call IsServerUI()

Placeshifer Updates
1. Moved the location of the image cache for the Placeshifter client to be relative to the user's home directory
2. Fixed issue with the Add Server Dialog showing when we've specified the PS server to connect to
3. Moved the location of the file to be relative to the user's home directory

Linux Updates
1. Fixed bug with Linux client where the remote control wouldn't wake it up from the screensaver.
2. Fixed audio/video sync bug due to not using the alsa hardware device

STV Updates
1. The Configuration Wizard on Linux systems now includes the Video Recording Dirs step.
2. Used new API call IsServerUI() to determine whether server options should appear in the UI (mostly to get those options to appear on the Linux server).

Please submit any bugs here:

Thanks again for your support!

Jeffrey Kardatzke
Founder of SageTV
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Old 06-15-2006, 09:30 PM
antplugger antplugger is offline
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Will this version work as network encoder to a Windows SageTV Server ?

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Old 06-16-2006, 03:48 AM
LostInSpace LostInSpace is offline
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Do you plan to implement TVTV EPG for the Linux version?
My config:
AMD athlon64 3200+ / 1 GB RAM / MSI K8N Neo4 / ATI X800 PRO / Technotrend Budget C-1500 / 300GB SATA HD / Win Vista Ultimate
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Old 06-16-2006, 10:58 AM
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Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Posts: 6,349
antplugger, this version will not work as a network encoder to a Windows SageTV Server yet.

LostInSpace, we may integrate TVTV on Linux at some point depending upon demand.
Jeffrey Kardatzke
Founder of SageTV
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Old 06-30-2006, 12:22 PM
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is an in place upgrade of a 4.1.6 linux client recommended? if so, would the following instructions work?

Once you are at the command line you need to download the package install script by typing the command:


then execute it with the command


This will start the install script on which you simply need to follow the on screen instructions. You might notice some warnings but you can safely ignore them.

At one point in the setup you will be asked to set the sound card configuration with alsamixer. In that screen you can use the left and right arrows to select the channels then press up/down to increase or decrease the volume. If a channel is muted you will see M at the base of the lines. You can unmute it by pressing M on the keyboard. Once you are done configuring the sound card you can press Escape to exit and save the configuration. You should not set the volumes too high if you want to avoid distortion problems. The values depend on the sound card so we can't give the appropriate values. You should try to look for channels called Master and PCM as they are usually the important ones.

You will be asked for your activation keys near the end of the package setup and the password you would like to set for the system. Once the setup is completed you will be asked to press enter to reboot the system.

* Configuring SageTV

After the system reboots you should see the SageTV wizard to configure your system settings and capture cards.
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