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SageTV Software Discussion related to the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. relating to the SageTV software application should be posted here. (Check the descriptions of the other forums; all hardware related questions go in the Hardware Support forum, etc. And, post in the customizations forum instead if any customizations are active.)

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Old 01-12-2006, 02:46 AM
henk99 henk99 is offline
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Video quality setting for DVD burning


I am wondering what quality setting is best used for recording video and putting it on dvd afterwards. I have it on setting 'Good' now, but when burning the video to DVD, Nero first has to re-code it. I remember that i had a DVD setting before version 4, that didn't require this. With that setting i could burn to dvd without having to re-code first.
In version 4.1 the naming of the quality settings seems to have changed somewhat i think....
Can someone tell me what setting is best to use for burning to dvd without re-coding?

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Old 01-12-2006, 10:27 AM
malore's Avatar
malore malore is offline
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The problem may not be with your recording setting but with the DVD authoring program. A while back I tried a whole bunch of the demo programs and the majority of them insisted on reencoding my mpeg-2 files, while dvd moviefactory that came with my hauppauge card worked great. You can also try searching the forums since the topic of which authoring or editing program is best often comes up.
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Old 01-12-2006, 10:37 AM
ben_95sl1 ben_95sl1 is offline
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I only use the DVD VBR qualities in 4.1.3 (dvd standard, long and extra long).

for 1h30m to <2h on a 4.7GB DVD, I think long play fits, above 2hrs is extra long....I think, all from memory. YMMV

I also only used ulead, I haven't tried nero for that.
Server: XP SP3, X2 BE 5000+, WD 1.5TB x 2, PVR150 & HD-PVR, USB-UIRT
Clients: HD300, HD100 x 2, Media MVP in a box somewhere
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