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  1. domotics
    10-23-2009 01:21 AM
    Hello Nielm,

    I'm also Belgian and a Voo's customer. Great works your plugins. I would also use Technotrend C-1501 with SmartWi. Do you tested this configuration ? Thanks for your experience, and sorry for my bad English (je ne sais pas si on peut discuter en franšais sur ce forum) !

  2. Cooper
    11-10-2008 01:48 PM

    I am trying to get the web interface to work for Sage and for some reason when I try to access it will not accept my password. I have tried to uninstall / reinstall and change the password and still am unable to get to the interface. Have you seen this happen before? I had BeyondTv setup on this box too and was thinking maybe that was causing the issue but after removing Beyond same issue.
  3. k10ck3r
    09-09-2008 08:10 PM
    A SageTray user ran into this problem. I checked into it and it looks like this results in a null xml feed from the webserver for recorded shows, even if other recordings are displayed on the webpage. Admittedly, it is a fairly uncommon scenario, but could you check into it? Thanks, k10ck3r.
    Oh, to test this, I found I only needed to restart the webserver and click on the xml feed on the "Sage Recordings" page. No need to mess with SageTray to duplicate....
    Here is the user's post:
    Originally Posted by zoundz View Post
    Maybe little bugoid - or featureoid. Running 1.0.3 and latest Nielm webserver. Here's the scenario.

    Create a timed recording. - no problem

    View the timed recording. - no problem

    Remove the manual recording status so that SageTV will delete it when it needs space. At this point, after SageTV server and SageTray are restarted, SageTray will show a gray icon and indicate an error in the tooltip. There is AFAICT no way to fix the problem other than to delete the timed recording. The webserver calls it an unknown recording after the manual record status is removed. I think that the change of name in the webserver and the error in SageTray are related.

    Not a very big bug. Just passing it on.


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External Status Monitor Interface : This is a plugin for SageTV v2.1 (and later) that provide an external TCP interface to retrieve the current status of SageTV -- what is playing, and what is recording. This can be used to drive a LCD 11-15-2005 1,473
Web-based User Interface : Web-based user interface for Sage TV. Control Sage remotely from your web-browser Supports SageTV versions v2.2; v3.x; v4.x Features include Grid and list based EPG views Ability to seach f 11-15-2005 42,962
Automatic Aspect Ratio Switcher for SageTV 4+ : Often you have video sources that use a variety of aspect ratios: 4x3 shows 16x9 shows letterboxed (with top/bottom black bars) 16x9 anamorphic shows (vertically stretched with no black bars) 11-15-2005 1,262
Dynamic Customisable Main Menu : This module allows the Sage main menu to be fully customisable without the need to learn Studio. It allows new submenus to be made; menu items to be added, deleted, moved; and execution of other pr 11-15-2005 2,317
Imdb Search Interface : Ever wondered which other films you have seen that actor in whilst watching a movie? Ever wanted a more detailed description for a movie in the EPG? This is a module which can search for and displa 11-15-2005 4,436
RSS News Reader Interface : Browse and view RSS news feeds directly from Sage The 'read' state of individual news items are updated when the item is viewed, and if the item is selected, it will be launched in an external web 11-15-2005 1,885
Multi-function Stop : I have always thought that the Stop button is a bit out of place on a PVR -- it does not emulate a VCR's stop function (pressing play does not restart the video from where you left off) and there are 11-16-2005 1,096
Weather Report Suite (WRS) Module (for SageTV4) : The WRS is a powerful tool for displaying advanced weather information for multiple locations in SageTV. Current conditions and 10-day forecast are displayed using information from the 11-21-2005 1,486
STV IMPORT: Multi-speed Continuous FF/REW : Yep, thats a VCR - style FF/REW function for SageTV :) With this import, the FF/REW buttons in the full-screen video page become more like VCR FF/REW buttons, giving continuous FF/REW functionality 11-21-2005 1,283
STV Import: CallerID/Message popup plugin v1.5 : This module allows external applications to send messages that pop up onto the SageTV screen, even if it is running on an MVP or PVR-350! It is designed to be used as a listener for YAC (Yet Anoth 11-21-2005 1,371
Cpu, Memory and Motherboard Monitor : This is a module that can display CPU and Memory usage information for SageTV and the SageTVService It can also display Temperature, Voltage and Fan speed information from either MotherBoardMonitor 11-24-2005 3,388
Exit Sage MenuItemLet : Do you just want to cleanly exit sage? Maybe you need to restart to fix a DirectX annoyance, or just shutdown without finding the mouse and keyboard... Here is a MenuItemLet that allows you to add 01-12-2006 1,429
Recordings XML file generator : This is a java plugin for SageTV that will automatically create XML files for each and every Sage recording, the information in which can then be used by external programs. Show-Episode-12345-0.mpg 03-24-2006 1,894
Generic Importer (15/Feb/2006) : This is a pre-build basic import hook for any STV developer to use to make an import out of his exported menus... It contains code for: replacing imported themes with existing themes (thus preser 02-07-2006 938
STV Import: Intelligent Suggestions : So you want to try IR, but are afraid it will fill up the disk in 5 seconds with repeats of Oprah (or perhaps worse, opera!)? Or you have IR enabled, but want an easier way to play IR Whack-a-mole 02-07-2006 1,851
Default Record Padding : This customisation allows you to specify a default padding to be added to all new manual records, or newly added favourites. This means that if your channels do not keep to their timeslots very wel 07-06-2006 2,097
BTV XML to Sage XML converter : This is a small tool that converts the XML show information files that can be generated by BTV into a format that can be imported into Sage's DB using webserver... Installation: extract the content 12-21-2007 1,273
Fix Sage File Timestamps : This is a quick and dirty command line tool to reset the timestamps on Sage media files to match the data in exported XML show information... It basically sets the file timestamp to be the Airing's 12-21-2007 700

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