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Conversation Between gplasky and HuMan321
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  1. HuMan321
    03-07-2013 04:31 PM
    Hi Gerr,
    I am trying to get Seans Android app to work with my WHS 2003 server. I am having updating problems with WHS so I am coming to the master. Java needed to be updated to version 7 which I did and control panel confirmed. Sage info screen did not recognize so I read around a bit and ended up renaming the jre subfolder in sage to "old-jre" restarted and then sage recognized the newer version. I then copied jre7 folder and placed in the sage directory while shutsown so I have 2 locations for thsi which I realize will probably cause me issues later.

    My current problem is with bmt plugin. I am updated to the latest version, but using the web-ui still shows me as older version. I think this update may not have happened similar to Java??? I think I have more plugins that are not getting updated as well.
    Sean seems to think my setup is acting as if it is a client versus a server and I do not know enough to speak intelligently about it.

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