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Conversation Between razrsharpe and Docholo
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  1. razrsharpe
    01-13-2011 08:57 AM
    i have no idea... i would doubt the ui portion of the comskip (ie comskip playback for the default ui) would impact playback in anyway (it doesn't effect it on my setup). What could effect playback is the commercial detection process. That is a fairly resource intensive process (especially hdpvr recordings) and if your server is not up to it it could get bogged down between the transcoding and comskipping. My q6600 pegs one core when transcoding and one core when comskipping hdpvr recording (hdhr recordings are much less resource intensive).
  2. Docholo
    01-12-2011 04:13 PM
    Hi razr, do you know if the comskip ui is doing anything during
    playback that would cause placeshifting to stutter? I have an
    HD200 placeshifting with the comskip UI plugin turned on and
    it stutters/pauses significantly. If I turn comkip off, the playback
    is relatively smooth. I know that the comskip ui has to check
    to see where the playhead is, how often does it do this? Is there
    a way to slow down the checking?

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